My name is Gilbert Anthony Gomez.
But you can call me Gil, or Gilly, or Anthony, or Tony, or w/e.
I'm 22 years young and I've lived in the city of Gardena practically all my life. I lived in Santa Barbara for almost 3 years but im kinda glad to be back home. My life was a mess but I picked up the pieces that were left in the debris and found out that I can actually handle on my own. Trying to learn to be myself in a world that demands conformity. Im always interested in getting to know people or letting people get to know me so drop me an ask if you're curious=]
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[キュウコンの じんつうりき!]
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Jesper Ullbing
Forest Creature
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hearing your favourite song while you’re doing something and stopping so you can just


so you can just… smell what the rock is cooking?

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where fears and lies melt away
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